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Artist: Isaiah Heyer

Today, the tactile meets the technical in Heyer's glass works. Each fish is a piece of art in and of itself, requiring a succession of painstaking steps. Before it is complete, the glass must undergo multiple firings in a kiln, a process that often takes four to five days. "I always have to be on my game to get my desired results," he explains. "I still cringe when I open the kiln lid on my last firing hoping that the piece turns out as planned, even on pieces that I have made many, many times before." The complex process and the fragility of glass clearly has its drawbacks. "There is always the possibility of failure," says Heyer. "It has taken me many years just to get where I am now."

In the first quarter of 2010 Isaiah moved to Idaho. He has returned to the technical world continuing Cellular Communications work. And of course, is still actively and will always be creating glass fish in his Glass Shop.

Artist: Warren Lusier

Warren grew up in the Seattle area of the Northwest. At an early age grew to respect Mt. Rainier & the natural beauty of Washington State.

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